I knew José Coronado

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 12:09pm

I think it’s interesting that one team is 2-0 and the other is 0-2. the Hammer beat Bay City the first week, and Bay City beat the Thunder this week.

I tried to make the teams even. As I look closer, the Hammer has an edge in goalkeeping — especially the first week (with Tiger and Will out) and maybe in foot speed. Also the Thunder are basically one game behind in development, today was the first game for W**, Nic***, T** and L*** — that’s half the roster. I thought the Thunder could have scored 4-5 goals more than they did, there were a lot of close misses.

Since Jan 1 the Hammer players have been to 57 practices + games. Thunder 60. Total possible = 81.

Also, our “guest” players have both scored in their debut; St****  had a great goal two weeks ago and an assist. Ni***, who usually plays defense, scored a cracker today.

Our league is called the José Coronado futsal league. I am proud to say that José was a friend and Vikings teammate of mine. The league as well as the old Folsom Park were named posthumously in his honor. He lived for the kids of the Mission and coached many youth teams before he died, way before his time. He’d be on the downhill side of 50 now if he were still with us. But every time we play a game, I think of the league named for him and I do like to believe that he’d be happy to see our boys playing, with me (rather decrepit) on the sidelines. As our team continues to mature, we will play many tough games against boys from the Mission. I think it’s critical to see them as friends and fellow citizens, and appreciate them for being the tough adversaries I know they will be. When I was growing up, it was almost impossible for a Vikings team to beat a Mission team. Thanks to the Vikings board, its coaches and families like you, that is no longer a foregone conclusion. We give as good as we get, and I think that would put a smile on José’s face.

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