Poor GK fundamentals at World Cup?


Feet first is not how I train it

With all the talk about Robert Green’s goalkeeping, he isn’t the only one with fundamental errors in technique. For example, consider the way Casillas came out for the Swiss breakaway. This is not how I’ve coached it.

Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong, but I always prefer to come out for the breakaway with head and hands toward the ball. So if the ball is on your right, as in this example, I try to make my last step with my right foot, and my head goes to the right, and my left arm in high and right arm is low. While the layman might think “whoa, aren’t you going to get kicked in the head?” we goalkeepers want to maximize our chances at making the save. And sure you might get clocked in the head a couple of time but … I forget what I was saying.

So I was thinking about this while watching Mexico v France, and dang if it didn’t happen again. Here it’s Lloris, pretty dead  in the water on this 1v1, no help and yes the forward was about a foot offside: Feet first again -- how gauche.

Again with the feet, again he doesn’t get the ball.This is what it should look like, I think. Tim Howard goes right and gets hands to the ball — and cleats to the ribs:

The form is correct, Timmy's not afraid.

Finally (today) can we talk about Algeria’s keeper? No power step here. To dive left, you normally want to take a big step with your left and then thrust into the dive. The way he is flopping on to his stomach — a beginner error — suggests he is pushing off his right foot which spins him onto his face. Falling on to your face you can’t see the shot and you can only catch it as it passes underneath. Hard to fathom, except to chalk it up to African indiscipline, maybe.

No good keeper lands like this. This is what you see in picnic soccer.

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