It’s not drama until there’s something to lose

It’s half time at USA v Slovenia, our boys are down 0-2. It’s almost certain that we will lose, putting tiny Slovenia on 6 points with England poised to get to 4 if they can get past Algeria. With that, Slovenia – England has them both needing only a draw to make USA v Algeria meaningless. Even an England win would send us home in this scenario.

The USA looks badly spaced on the ball, very narrow up top. Altidore seems visibly unhappy alongside Finley who is a player with great speed and modest technique. Josy isn’t getting the ball when and where he wants it and the attack is too predictable. Slovenia on the other hand looks like a professional side with its spacing and smart decisions on the ball.

The players have just come out of the tunnel and Finley’s off for Edu instead of Buddle who would have brought more composure to the top.

If we press too hard, we might get killed on the counter. At this point it doesn’t look like we’ll win the second half. Which means we go home.

Dempsey reacts to the score

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