She’s a keeper: Ellen Sutton Grieg

Here’s a shout out and good vibes to Ellen Sutton “Heed” Grieg, the first member to hereby be inducted into the International Society of Keepers. Ellen is a couple of days past her due date and as such she is quite great with child, as they say. So today she is not only being inducted but she’s also being induced.

Like all members of the Keeper Society, the reasons for Ellen’s selection are numerous and space does not allow listing them all, however a very small selection of her highlights follows. Perhaps others can augment the record in the comments section:

  • Ellen holds people to their bets, and does not welch on hers.
  • She can boot and rally
  • She’s punctual
  • If she doesn’t cook, she cleans
  • She’s a great friend and as such, has hundreds of them
  • She played stopper in her soccer career and plays with both feet, and can head the ball too
  • Two days before going to the hospital her sister reports, “She’s working”
  • At her wedding she reserved a place setting for Allie’s best friend Manny the Manatee.

Ellen, good luck with the labor and may it be brief and easy.

Heed with two implements I hope they don't need today

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