“It’s cultural”

A brilliant clip from Julia Sanchez-Viamonte who lives in Argentina. Beautiful woman, beautiful player.

Many times in conversation, people try to explain to Americans how passionate other countries are about football. This video does an excellent job of illustrating it, starting by explaining how different countries have different customs, then turns it to football in Argentina.

translation (loose):

(Man) If you ask me, there’s no way to fix this. In the United States, you put a foot in the street and they all stop for you. Here, . . . .

Argentinian for confetti

(Cabbie) In Switzerland, you can collect your retirement and keep on working.
(Fare) Europe is Europe
(Cabbie) Europe is Europe, but here, we never get anything!

(Guy eating) In Spain, you can grab a bike, you use it and you leave it. Then someone else takes it.
(Friend) Here, someone else will take it too.

(man in cafe) In Germay, you toss a paper, someone grabs it and comes up to you and says “Sir you dropped this.”
(companion) It’s cultural.

(Germany) It’s incredible — they throw a million pieces of paper every time the team comes out to the field!
(Beer drinker) It’s cultural.

(French guy) There, it doesn’t matter if they’re winning or losing, those guys sing all the same!

(Italian cook) With a sock. I’ve seen them playing with a sock. They take it, they make it into a ball . . .and they play with it in the street! I’ve never seen seen such a thing in my life.

(Unknown language) His ankle was swollen as big as his neck. And he kept playing!

(Irishmen) (you’re on your own here   🙂   )

(French in bar) They don’t play with their legs, they play with their hearts! With their hearts. Listen — in any championship team, there’s at least one.

In TyC sports, Argentina is more Argentina; The World Cup is more World Cup.

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