Jabulani 2

Three articles perhaps confirming national stereotypes with respect to the new ball:

Jabulani: pain in the rear

Ruthlessly efficient Germans plan ahead, use Jabulani as the game ball for their Bundesliga matches in 2010.

Hard-working Japanese practice with Jabulani to acquire skill at free kicks, beat Denmark on two gems. The NYT had this to say about Asian teams dealing with the quirky sphere :

“While many teams complained about the official World Cup balls, Japan and South Korea simply practiced with them until they grew comfortable with their speed and trajectory.”

Culture or stereotype? Asians don’t complain, they just study, copy and practice. The same way we learned how to make automobiles. And cameras.

England smugly doesn’t need to practice, loses their consignment in a storage room.

You couldn’t make this up.

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One Response to Jabulani 2

  1. abroshar says:

    Nice stereotyping! 🙂

    Seriously, I love the New York Times’ reporting throughout this tournament. It is beautiful. There’s so much pleasure in all of it. Each time you link to any one of their stories, I learn something I didn’t know.

    Thanks for that — and for this piece. Hey, it didn’t hit me till today that the Jabulani might be the “Africanized killer bee” of soccer balls. (I love that term, “Africanized killer bee.” It’s so alarmist, and results in writing like this: http://www.desertusa.com/mag98/sep/stories/kbees.html)

    Now THAT’S stuff you can’t make up. 🙂

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