Better than my blog

is this one, by someone going by the pen name lamadridista. I don’t know her but I love her stuff: All about the Spanish team in South Africa.

She led me indirectly to this commercial for Mahou beer, not available in the U.S. but very common in Spain.

you'll remember this game the rest of your life.

You must watch this:, or on youtube below.  Translation available after the jump:

(girl’s voice) “Hi sweetie, hey I’m going to watch the game with my girlfriends, why don’t you come? Buy some beers, don’t let me down, come on.”

(man’s voice) What’s up dude, hey we’re all here in the office and going to watch on a giant big screen. Come on, get over here.

(older man’s voice) Hey son, so, well never mind;   . . . so who are you watching the game with?

Choose with your heart where, how and with who you are going to watch the game . Because this time, we’re going to remember it all our life.

If Mahou is there, the fútbol is five stars.

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2 Responses to Better than my blog

  1. Scott Donohue says:

    Ah… as a Dad who was texting during the match with his son who’s at camp on the east coast I get the tug of this ad… but then again, I’m not Spanish. Will Budweiser be ripping this ad off in, say, 2022?

  2. jimsakeeper1 says:

    or in ’14, even. what a great ad. 30 seconds, one actor, 4 voices = story.

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