Whenever people ask me my favorite team for WC10, I’ve told them it doesn’t matter; “Eleven millionaires against eleven millionaires.” BUT, now that it’s down to these two I have to come out on the side of Spain, because that is where I lived for two years of my life. It’s hard because I love Spain’s inventive style of play, and we all know it’s come from the Dutch. I remember arriving there in 1974 and one of the first things I bought was a Barça shirt (hard to find in Madrid!). Barcelona was playing the world’s best football in the day, and it was Dutch style, with Cruyff, Neeskens and Rep.

With so many blaugrana players in Spain’s starting eleven, the whole match will have an air of  ‘us vs. us’ in terms of style. But reading lamadridista‘s fine blog this week has reminded me of the Spanish spirit, heart and personality,  and all the great memories I have of the people there. Now that Spain’s football has left the direct, kick and rush style of Juanito, Sastrústegui, and Idígoras behind, I am all for la roja today.

It's time to kick ass.

The people of Spain are due a celebration, and they certainly know how. I would love to see the fountain of Cibeles overflowing with desmadre total tonight.

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