Gattuso = Stalwart

A Stalwart will always take one for the team

This is for Rino Gattuso. I will follow with a later post that describes the attributes of the Stalwart, along with the other two types of players. I show my players many clips on Youtube, it is a great resource for footage of some things, like dribbling and scoring goals. It is bad for things that require subtlety, like good passing, defense, and goalkeeping. Here’s what I told them:

“These clips are about competitiveness and combativeness. No one would call Genaro Gattuso a wizard on the ball, but he is a very important player for both his club team and his country. Watch how hard he plays and ask yourself how you measure up. I remember Will said he felt he was playing “berserk” on Sunday. No one knows berserk until they see Gattuso:

A Stalwart will give you everything he has

Here he is fouling because he dives in a lot.

The French commentator repeats a version of the old soccer adage “The ball can go past, the man can go past — but never both.”

You're not playing hard if you never push the limits

Does he play too hard? He has 89 yellow cards in 312 games, over 25%. But only one red card, that was this year.”

After watching these clips, my boys starting playing much harder and better football. Gattuso became one of our role models. When I wanted more effort, I would yell out “Gattuso!” and look for the change. So it was with much sadness that I heard he had retired from international football, after Italy’s horrible showing in South Africa. But I loved his quote:

“When I do something I’ve got to do it with enthusiasm and desire, otherwise I’m a third-division player,”

Competing your hardest, or fouling? Let the ref determine.

Gattuso knows where his strength lay – in his effort and courage. Another great Stalwart player is Dirk Kuyt of Holland. Kuyt has said before that

“there are players who can change the game with a single touch (Stars and Geniuses), and those that serve the team (Stalwarts), I have no problem admitting I’m in the second category.”

No team can succeed without a compliment of Stalwart players, 1/3 is a good ratio.

Stalwarts don't back down.

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2 Responses to Gattuso = Stalwart

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  2. Anne B says:

    That final shot is amazing. Gattuso’s body language betrays respect, but the fire on his face … he’s never backing down.

    Great job.

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