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Busquets: “Give everything and arrive at the locker room empty”

This interview in El País (thanks to gives a great insight to the workings of Sergio Busquet’s mind, and by extension, into the mind of all good players. P. ¿Tiene alguna obsesión? (Do you have any obsessions?) R. Sí, … Continue reading

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French Toast with cinema on it

I remember watching Kramer vs. Kramer in its first release, at the Coronet theater on Geary. I might be wrong, but I’m certain. It was on TV just now and I saw the last 45 minutes after watching the last … Continue reading

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Lesson from Del Bosque

“Esto se lo debemos a los 23 jugadores. Hemos tenido 50 días sin ningún incidente, es para sentirse orgullosos de estos futbolistas. Tiene un valor incalculable para España” The Spanish coach is Vicente Del Bosque. If, after reading this, you … Continue reading

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Duck Duck Goose

The USA played Brazil yesterday in an “International Friendly,” a game between two national teams with no competitive prize or tournament qualification on the line. They serve as chances for coaches to look at players and combinations as they get … Continue reading

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Blade Runner, 28 years later

I just watched the director’s cut of Blade Runner again. I remember seeing it when it came out, but hadn’t since. It has become a different movie, because I have changed. What I see in it now that I didn’t … Continue reading

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The one word that keeps cropping up in Spain’s team

Spain — world champions. Top of the world. The crowd watching their victory parade in the streets of Madrid was estimated to number between 500,000 to 2.5 million, and about 300,000 filled the Explanada del Rey to hear them speak … Continue reading

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