Busquets: “Give everything and arrive at the locker room empty”

This interview in El País (thanks to conlaroja.wordpress.com) gives a great insight to the workings of Sergio Busquet’s mind, and by extension, into the mind of all good players.

P. ¿Tiene alguna obsesión? (Do you have any obsessions?)

R. Sí, no perder la pelota y darlo todo, llegar al vestuario vacío. Estoy para ayudar. He de ser intenso. No perder la pelota. He de estar pendiente de los demás, pero me gusta. (Yes, not losing the ball and giving everything, to arrive at the locker room empty. My purpose is to help. I have to be intense. Not losing the ball. I have to be aware of the others, but I like it. )

Keep running and get to the locker room empty

I rejoined a gym recently and have noticed how big a difference it makes in my play. Just being a little fitter makes me able to run up and down the pitch with greater facility; it’s like having a (very) little Vespa, gliding up and down the field with more ease. Running more, I was surprised at how many more plays I could make: assists, tackles, passes, shots and goals.

It’s the new mantra for me, whether I’m playing or coaching: just keep running. Make one more run. We lost the ball? Get behind the ball. We win it back? Make a run into space. Get fit, get committed, and keep running.

This idea has also transferred into my life off the field. I’ve started trying to replace flash with simple effort. And, to repeat, effort comes from two places, commitment and fitness.

To win, “hay que sudar la camiseta” – you have to sweat your jersey.

With personal relationships with kids, wife, or relatives, I am just trying a little harder. Not trying anything different; just more. Like making one more run on the field, I don’t have any brilliant ideas, I’m just looking to see what happens.

I suppose this will also bleed into my work style as well. Just keep giving effort, be of service to all, and be aware of everyone. Oh yeah – and don’t lose the ball.

John Madden has a saying, “Don’t worry about the mule being blind, just keep loading the  wagon.” Give everything, and see what happens. I think Sergio would agree with it.

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