The Long View

WordPress has a new feature that suggests topics for a daily post. Today’s topic: “What do you want to be remembered for?”

The Hammer and I just returned from our first trip to the Association Cup where we were drubbed 0-1, 0-6 and 1-2. Was it a failure? The boys know we are working on style and technique, playing a possession game that is at the limit of their capabilities. We were winning the last game 1-0 at half time and failed to keep up the effort. We learned what works and doesn’t work in playing possession ball. We learned that we can’t let up once we have a lead. If we learned, we can’t have failed, because learning is our primary goal.I want the players to remember these three years as a time when they learned how to learn. I want them to think of me as a coach who challenged them to think, and who included them all in the process. I want them to remember that they all got PT and I expected them to step up. I want their time with the Hammer to be one they look back on as mentally challenging and the place where they forged their understanding and love of the game.When they think of soccer, I want them not to think of “boot it” but to understand the game at a subtle level that includes:

  • Play the way you’re facing
  • Take what the defense gives you
  • Defensive position, five and five, don’t you dive
  • Compress in defense, expand in attack
  • Keep possession
  • Play according to where you are on the field
  • Keep shape
  • First ball and second ball

I want us to enter the second half of our time together pursuing a higher standard of play and training, and I want our results over the next 18 months to show steady improvement, leaving them with a lesson that what is expedient is not always good, and what is good is not always expedient.

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