Dawn of the adventure

Today marks the first day of the S.F. Viking Hammer’s tour of São Paolo Brazil. There isn’t a lot to report because nothing went wrong; our flights were on time, we made our connection, everyone’s luggage got there and our hotel is fine. A teacher of mine once said “Pain writes” and I think travel journals are no different.

5 a.m. over Brazilian skies

We arrived on time, bleary-eyed at Guarulhos International airport and Prof. Emilio Miranda was there to greet us and usher us into out private autobus which took us to our hotel in air-conditioned comfort.

Tropical undergrowth on the was to Santos.

Lunch was our first experience at a Churrascaria, unlimited smorgasbord with an emphasis on meat. Sorry no photos — I was busy eating.

At 4pm, all the boys went to the beach located a block away, where Prof. Miranda put them through their paces. We ended with an 8 v. 8 scrimmage followed by a dip in the Atlantic.

Next up: a welcome reception at the swimming pool. Tomorrow’s game day v. Santos, so everyone should focus on enjoying tonight.

All smiles in our travel polos at SFO.

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8 Responses to Dawn of the adventure

  1. Ah… I LOVE this Jim – thanks for blogging the trip for those you left behind. So excited for all of you and what you learn about ourselves, your team and Brazil.

  2. abroshar says:

    Thanks for checking in, husband! Nice photos … it’s good to see your face.
    I miss you. ❤

  3. Marlene Denton says:

    Lovely to read about the trip to Brazil and to see where my grandson is. Thank you for keeping us informed. All the best. Marlene Denton

  4. Jen says:

    You made it! I’ll admit I tracked your flights on my iPhone, so I knew the plane made it…but good to hear all is well.


  5. Amory Donohue says:

    Jim –

    Should I be offended that I am sited as the tropical undergrowth on the way to Santos?

  6. Heidi Van Horn says:

    Miss you guys!!!

  7. wendy springer says:

    thanks, jim. thinking of you all! wendy

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