Arthur’s a Keeper – Overtime

More observations from this week, also on Anne’s family blog,

I noticed once at the hospital that Barb patted Arthur’s left foot as she said good-bye,

Arthur had his humorous side

saying “That’s his soccer foot.” I later asked if he was left-handed and found out he wasn’t. Why was he left-footed then? The story goes that early in his playing days he had sustained an injury to his right foot that was serious enough that he couldn’t kick well with it. So he taught himself to play left-footed and did so for the rest of his life.

I think this is quintessential Arthur Sutton; don’t complain. Don’t look for a scapegoat. Move on and re-invent yourself.

Another hospital story: it’s Wednesday July 6th, all the siblings are arriving at the hospital from all over the country. Ellen’s flown in from North Carolina and she rushes to Arthur’s room where a TV plays silently in the background. Trying to cheer him, she pulls out her iPhone and says she has photos of her children, does he want to see them? Arthur tries to look past her and says quietly “No – I want to watch the soccer match.” Behind her, on ESPN the USA women are playing Sweden in a WWC game. She moves aside.

USA goal - "Corner kick"

Later, Ellen and her siblings view the game with him. Arthur is no longer able to articulate many words, and we are starting to doubt how much he understands of what he’s seeing around him. Arthur watches Abby Wambaugh guide the ball in the Swedish goal and he says for all to hear, “Corner kick.”

That’s a Football Man. That’s a Keeper.

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1 Response to Arthur’s a Keeper – Overtime

  1. JoannaOC says:

    I’m glad his family could accompany him in his last moments.

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