Not a great start

US Soccer in general, and Sunil Gulati specifically, have been courting Juergen Klinsmann for years. Please take the job as coach of the men’s national team. We love you. We really, really want you.

"I'd like to buy an "e", Sunil."

Given all this, don’t you think they would’ve spelled his name correctly on the tent card?

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5 Responses to Not a great start

  1. John Beltran says:

    Maybe their goal was the proper German spelling rather than the English equivalent, and what they forgot was the umlaut over the “u”. The correct German spelling is “Jürgen”, but is often spelled “Juergen” in the English language press. “Jurgen” is wrong either way, but maybe they get a pass for at least trying to use the native spelling.

    If you need help figuring out how to to get supplemental latin characters into your posts let me know.

    Tchüss! 😛

  2. jimsakeeper1 says:

    Great catch.
    Even Klinsmann’s own web site ( waffles back and forth:

    “Juergen helped lead AS Monaco to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

    Jürgen played the 1992/1993 and 1993/1994 seasons with AS Monaco of the French Ligue 1. Arsene Wenger was the coach.”

    You’d think they could’ve gotten the magic marker out and added the umlaut. Or maybe it’s like Spanish where the accent is optional on an uppercase letter, like Avila vs. &Aacutevila ?

  3. jimsakeeper1 says:

    Trying again: Ávila?

  4. jimsakeeper1 says:

    Fran chimes in:
    FYI: I saw this about an hour after reading your latest blog post. (See 4th paragraph.)

    “(And in a nod to just how much a part of this country he has become, Klinsmann has told U.S. Soccer he’s dropping the first E from “Juergen” and wants no umlaut over the U in his first name. “He says it’s just easier that way,” said chief U.S. Soccer spokesman Neil Buethe.)”

    It’s good to know that USSF can at least spell the name of the USMNT coach. And interesting to see that the coach is changing his name to match the country’s culture.

    It should be an interesting experiment . . . .


  5. JoannaOC says:

    Sounds intriguing! I like your new banner, by the way.

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