Torres and his slump

Watching Chelsea v. Wigan today I heard the announcers comment on how he remains a favorite of the fans. The unspoken conclusion to that sentence was “despite his protracted slump and failure to produce.”

When a player is slumping, every action becomes subject to introspection and self-doubt. If you are slumping your every action might be the one that betrays you. Nothing is natural. As you suspect everything, your instincts go to sleep.

I mention this because I watched Torrres slip twice when he was in good positions to shoot or create an assist. Here he is sprinting into the Wigan area:

All looks good here. He gets ready to cross the ball:

and his form looks perfect. But he unexpectedly slips, and will sit on the ground checking his cleats after the ball is gone.

But there is nothing wrong with them. He’s wearing the standard six-cleated shoe designed for soft ground.

If you look closely you can see that Torres slips because he doesn’t land on the sole of his foot. He lands on the outside of his ankle. The slick upper of his shoe doesn’t hold in the turf and his foot skids out from under him.

I wonder how badly must your confidence be shaken, when you actually forget how to run?





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One Response to Torres and his slump

  1. kickingsport says:

    Very interesting! Certainly is quite a mystery how poor he’s been when compared to his Liverpool days.

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