Me And My Shadow

I’m very excited to have been published in the hugely successful Mad Men blog, this week.  My nom de Basketcase,White T Jim B.

“How else could it have occurred to man to divide the cosmos, on the analogy of day and night, summer and winter,  into a bright day-world and a dark night-world peopled with fabulous monsters, unless he had the prototype of such a division in himself, in the polarity between the conscious and the invisible and unknowable unconscious?” – Carl Jung, ”Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype” (1939) In CW 9, Part 1: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious. P. 187

The “Mystery Date” is the one we have with ourselves. It is an encounter with our shadow side that comes out at night, or through an altered state such as intoxication, extreme emotion, or delirium:

read the rest via Me And My Shadow.

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