Futsal videos

A collection of video clips originally gathered for the U16 Lady Vikings

Here’s one Women’s futsal clip to provide you with some positive mental images for the season opener tomorrow.

And some inspirational thoughts. I liked it and thought you might too. See you tomorrow.

3 short clips for your enjoyment. the first two are women’s and girl’s futsal matches from Portugal. Things to look for include changing places, infrequent dribbling, keeping the ball close and scoring with combination play. Notice how the pivot (forward) sometimes holds and passes and sometimes turns and shoots.

This last one is Freestyle, not serious play but there are things to learn and copy, especially playing with the sole of the foot, behind the support leg and lifting the ball creatively. Enjoy.

Your weekly futsal video clips.Enjoy.

– skip the opening

— kind of cheesy: the announcer is saying they are facing the game of their lives. An inspirational piece.

Women’s World Cup, nice pivot (forward) play:

Brazil probably is the world center of futsal, but there are not as many videos available. I am finding more youtube from Portugal but this is Brazil week.

Ball trick from the best futsal player in the world, Falcao:

Some men’s futsal:

Notice the crowds.

Goalkeeping is important too:

Women’s game from Brazil, notice the intensity, the physical play and the organized dead ball plays:


With that, here are your selected futsal clips, featuring Women’s futsal from all over:


Japanese with J-pop soundtrack:

Iran women v Ukriane. Notice the full-body covering the Iranian women use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28gwdvD5o5g


women’s game, then men

Here are your weekly clips.

Women’s futsal: Pivot plays a spinning chip pass followed by a neat ball trick to score:

More Iranian women, I am amazed:

U13 Boys training for the Pivot , from Argentina (20 minutes, skip around), At 6:00 you’ll see our exercise from Monday.

Your futsal ball trick of the week:

In the meantime here are your futsal clips:

Ronaldinho (as a kid) and the old guy is Cantona

U15 Girls play futsal in Brazil

Here’s a U15 girls Brazilian game at a higher level — can you see the differences? Bonus: Penalty shootout tiebreaker

Women’s World Cup of Futsal Final: better still

Mens World Cup: 10 goals:

Professional women’s futsal from Brazil:

A girl showing simple juggling and tricks:

Women: Vietnam v Myanmar

It’s all over the world.

A men’s game: Brazil v Colombia, WC semi-finals (entire game) good quality video. Look for:

  • Colombia’s defense in diamond
  • sole of foot control
  • offense changing places
  • pace: slow to fast
  • inbounds designed plays

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