A Messi situation

Messi-foul-El-ClasicoA reader writes (thanks, Mark!) Q: Also, what’s your take on Messi’s injury spate? Not regaining fitness after the off-season? Or too much work-rate and crazy travel over too many competitions for both club and country? Hamstrings are tough, and when they say 6-8 weeks, that’s 6-8 weeks before he’s 80 percent, and if he pushes it too quickly, that’s three more months on the DL. If I were the Argentine coach, I would be really worried about next summer.

A: Some say he’s more interested in the WC than La Liga season. Some gossip that’s he’s messi 3heavier and that’s hurting him. When your nickname is “The Flea” every ounce matters.

Hamstrings, like groin injuries, are tough. You never know if it’s healed until you try and messi 2the indicator that it wasn’t is you hurt it again and restart the clock.

Some players trade on acceleration more than others. I didn’t because I had none. I have noticed that those who do often have no plan “B” when that burst is gone. I’m not saying Messi has no other skill but it is what sets him apart.

How did it happen? Yeah game and training overload. Natural aging. Constant abuse: messi 1kicks, cleats, knock-downs. The question could be “How did he last as long as he did?”

The natural progression: star on your national team, get noticed, sign a mega-contract, go through the tug-o-war between club and country. “Retire” from your national team because your club is pressuring you and it won’t put any more money in your pocket, or you don’t need the money.

Like I’ve said before, I think it’s ridiculous. Clubs use national team games as shop messi 5windows, then discourage the players from continuing. Like a guy who marries a stripper and then wants her get off the pole.

messi 4messi 6

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