Right now (October 2013) I do not coach any teams. After four years with the SF Vikings I am without an assignment. Hopefully something surfaces in the spring.

I have a US Soccer “C” License from a long time ago but most of the stuff I do I get from other coaches or watching games.  I’m also influenced by the Positive Coaching Alliance and used to be speaker for them.

you can reach me at jimDOTbroshar over at that gmail thing.

Playing experience includes:

  • Lowell High School
  • UC Berkeley Varsity
  • San Francisco Soccer Football League
  • East Bay Over 30 Soccer League.

My coaching experience includes:

  • St Mary’s College HS, Berkeley: Girls Varsity Head Coach
  • Mills College, Assistant Varsity Coach
  • SF Vikings: various teams
  • Golden Gate Women’s Soccer league: Various teams,
  • Gay Games 1986, Berkeley Women: Bronze medal

I’m doing a lot of stuff that is nontraditional. I think soccer is a beautiful vehicle for developing decision-making skills in athletes. I distinguish between coaching and telling – since players have to learn to make their own decisions and react quickly, I have to make an atmosphere where they are willing to take risks and think for themselves.

This can’t be taught through command and control. It has to come from a series of conversations where the players are encouraged and required to assess what’s happening on the field and what they can do to respond.

I don’t shout much to players during games. Unless I get pissed off. I hope my approach leads players to observe, reflect, act and assess outcomes, which I think will make them better and also prepare them for life. So they become both better players and happier, healthier, safer adults.

3 Responses to About

  1. Dkhetty says:

    Jim you are a keeper and an amazing coach. You took an overweight middle-aged woman and in a short period of time turned her into one of the best keepers in her league. Thanks for your commitment to my success. Your the best!

  2. You sent me a comment “We must be related somehow” a few weeks ago after reading one of my blog posts (I think it was from my blog). Well, I’m sitting here in Atlanta with my nephew, who just commented that his Twitter was being followed by “some soccer-coach guy in California by the name of Broshar.” Small world!

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