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A Place To Play

A good photo can tell the story of a life. Or maybe it takes two. I think in the Bay Area, there are many, many people who are feeling something that we can’t shake: the loss of Robin Williams. What … Continue reading

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The Deuce is Loose in Manaus

The draw for our national team in the 2014 World Cup came out last Friday, and people are saying it will be harder to get out of Group G than the Red Wedding. JUNE 16: United States vs. Ghana in Natal. … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s All-Weather Training Facility

Everyone in the Bay Area knows real estate is frighteningly expensive. Houses sell for upwards of $500k. Not everyone connects this to the fact that we have very little open space for sports teams to train and play. But it … Continue reading

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If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow, and which will not, Speak.

It’s March, which around here means tryout time. Coach Toby Rappolt and I often talk about the futility of assessment. Take your roster and force-rank them from first to best. Take that list out a month later and won’t be … Continue reading

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Culture, sport and teaching

I saw Chris King, little Will Denton’s coach, at practice Wednesday. He was passing by, looking for a ball after his session had finished. I told him I used to do that, but now I ask the boys to find … Continue reading

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