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Bad Call!

I’ve been writing a bit about WC10 lately but haven’t touched on the refereeing. I can’t think of a world cup where there have been so many stories concerning missed calls; partly because they impacted “our” teams and partly because … Continue reading

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Who’s missing?

Dude, check the stats from the NYT recap. When your goalkeeper gets more touches than your star player, you are in a world of hurt: Guess who you don’t see listed? Here’s a big hint:

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WC10 half-time recap part 2: Football as Morality Play

Part Two of Three pieces on the World Cup at its midpoint. 2. Order and improvisation, effort and savvy. Like a picnic game where the parents play the kids, you can see the battle of the fit running teams against … Continue reading

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WC10 So Far – Buyers and Sellers

I won’t recap the plentiful sources who report the WC10 news and give play-by-play of the matches, the one I like best include, The NY Times, the Groniad, ESPN, and bigsoccer. And Soccer Power Index from the brilliant Nate Silver … Continue reading

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Quotes on today’s USA win

Fernando Fiore, Univisión commentator: “Estados unidos, el país de todos” (“USA, the country of everyone”) & “Home of the brave” “Every contest eventually becomes a headgame,” Clinton said “I like people who don’t quit though. We are not keen on … Continue reading

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“We embody what Americans are about — we can moan about it or we can get on with it.”

End of game update: USA wins 1-0 on a last-gasp Landon Donovan tap-in. If it’d come in the 50th minute, we’d all be saying “nice win.” But the suspense, the thought of going home while Slovenia and England progressed, had … Continue reading

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“If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work.”

What is happening to our beloved World Cup? Typical second game behavior. Teams are past the lid-lifter, and  teams that lost know they must win the second game. Fair Play goes out the window as teams are playing for their … Continue reading

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She’s a keeper: Ellen Sutton Grieg

Here’s a shout out and good vibes to Ellen Sutton “Heed” Grieg, the first member to hereby be inducted into the International Society of Keepers. Ellen is a couple of days past her due date and as such she is … Continue reading

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“el fútbol sin hostias no mola”

or, “Football without hacking is no fun” as my friend Manolo Vilches used to say. Or maybe it’s “Football without hitting isn’t sexy” ? Hard to translate better, the word “hostia” was one of the first ones I learned when … Continue reading

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It’s not drama until there’s something to lose

It’s half time at USA v Slovenia, our boys are down 0-2. It’s almost certain that we will lose, putting tiny Slovenia on 6 points with England poised to get to 4 if they can get past Algeria. With that, … Continue reading

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