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Shoulder To Shoulder

On Tuesday the world moved closer to apocalypse when the bus carrying the BVB Borussia Dortmund team was attacked by three bombs on the way to its stadium for a Champions League quarter final match against Monaco. This violent invasion … Continue reading

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The Heart And Soul Of Heart And Soul – Iniesta’s Farewell Comments To Xavi At His Retirement

Longtime readers will note that the male players who most interest me in the pro game are Iniesta and Xavi at Barcelona. So when the club held a ceremony to mark Xavi’s decision to leave the club, and Andrés Iniesta … Continue reading

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Preserve the Park or Let Kids Play: Pick One

Here in San Francisco we just voted (again) on whether to convert one of our grass field complexes to turf. There were two measures, Proposition I and H, one in favor of going ahead (I) and one trying to prevent … Continue reading

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Walk the Fields of Gold

“You can tell the sun in his jealous sky When we walked in fields of gold” Soccer, like American football and baseball, is a sport designed to be played on grass. But football and baseball expanded into professional stadia where … Continue reading

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A Place To Play

A good photo can tell the story of a life. Or maybe it takes two. I think in the Bay Area, there are many, many people who are feeling something that we can’t shake: the loss of Robin Williams. What … Continue reading

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Hamburgers und Frankfurters

“I will always have the half-side of Germany in my heart, but all of us half players—and the coach, too—we will try to win this game for America. We want to get to the next round.” These were Jermaine Jones’ … Continue reading

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The Unraveling

    Everyone’s asking what happened to Spain. My answer: not much. I think they are about as good as they were four years ago. Why the crash out? Primarily luck. I know you aren’t liking this and I look … Continue reading

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World Cup – the Best Commercials

Mark Rechtin favors this one, of Nike‘s. Or was it this one, with animation? A quick web search locates this from Chile, featuring the miners who escaped death several months ago. Lisa Cooke, sentimentally likes this one from McDonalds, made … Continue reading

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The Butcher, The Baker, the Quarterfinals maker?

On Thursday May 29th, Jurgen Klinsmann announced his 23 player roster for the World Cup and rocked the soccer world. The former is a normal duty of all national team coaches — all 32 teams must do likewise no later … Continue reading

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Michael Sam

One of the things that impresses me about the Positive Coaching Alliance is their ability to take breaking events in sports news and craft a valuable message that parents and coaches can use to teach youth athletes. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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