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A Place To Play

A good photo can tell the story of a life. Or maybe it takes two. I think in the Bay Area, there are many, many people who are feeling something that we can’t shake: the loss of Robin Williams. What … Continue reading

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Six hundred threescore and six.

When you travel abroad, sometime the most interesting people you meet are compatriots. They speak your language, they know your culture, and for some reason they opted to travel to the exact same place you did. So it was with … Continue reading

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May Copper Bullets Upward Fly

Tomorrow marks another huge karmic moment in soccer lore. The national team of Zambia plays in the final of the African Cup of Nations. Unlikely favorites, they have squeaked by opponents with higher cachet and survived a few penalties and … Continue reading

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It’s Go Time.

Some memories when I think of England soccer: Summer 1974. Vikings v. English team of police officers: David Ho Sang crumples under an elbow from his mark on a corner, his man beats me with a header. Beach Chalet #2, … Continue reading

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